About me

About me


My name is Eros and I live in Italy. Born in 1986, I obtained a history degree on modern history on 2011.

I am convinced of the existence of something beyond our physical reality, and this belief started my passion for esotericism, still I didn't fall in the enthusiasm typical of the "New age" environment. In fact I believe that, even more than in the sciences devoted to the physical world, the study of the divine requires logic and critical thinking, because it needs also a constant work on ourselves.

In 2013 I came in contact with western astrology and fount it a very useful instrument, that allows us to examine the influences coming from the spiritual world and so to acquire a better understanding of our destiny.
Since then I went more and more in depth studying this fascinating subject with feline curiosity, examining its various branches and finally reaching the conclusion of preferring the traditional approach to the modern one.

On 17th December 2016 I completed the "Horary apprenticeship" course held by John Frawley, one of the leading experts on this branch of astrology, so obtaining the title of "Horary craftsman".

Since 2017 I offer my services to those needing help to pursue their personal goals, rise again after the falls met in life and develop a greater understanding of themselves and of the environment where they live.

I will maintain an ethical and honest approach, without feeding false illusions or accepting requests that I feel beyond my skills.

I want to demonstrate that astrology is neither a superstition neither the horoscopes, but instead a fascinating discipline that really works and can be a good help, with potentialities and limits like anything in this world.


In Italian it stands for a cat that practices astrology, and the cat is a fascinating and adorable animal, to which I feel affinity on many respects: for example like the cats I am curious, cautious, wary, lonely and, at the same time, also friendly and playful.

This is by no means a surprise since the cat, from an astrological point of view, is of a mixed Saturn-Moon nature and Saturn is the most influential planet of my birth chart (among the other things it also makes a trine with the Sun in Leo, a sign usually tied to felines in general); while the ruler of the ascendant is in Cancer, Moon’s domicile... So, among its many characteristic, my birth chart has a strong feline element.