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Providing answers and informations to anyone in need and making known what astrology really is.


Offered services:

An astrologer provides services much different from sun sign columns, here is what I can do for you:




1) Horary astrology:
The most versatile and cheap service: it allows to answer to the most varied questions p.e: will I get the job? Where is the necklace? Will I win the lawsuit?
Base rate: 50 euros
The price includes subsidiary questions for example “will I get the job? (main question) And how will the work environment be?” (subsidiary question). Still particular or important questions (like "shall I invest in the development of this product?") could require a greater rate, agreed with the customer.

2) Natal astrology:
It is useful to know yourself, your characteristics, the opportunities and the risks that are more probable in your life.
Interpreting a birth chart is a demanding job, and so costly. Unless it is the birth chart for your newborn child you would already know many things I could tell you. I do not believe it is necessary to do a full interpretation giving informations that you already know (with also the risk of omitting what you really wanted).
For example if there are recurrent difficulties in your life, or characterial defects that you do not manage to amend, we can try to understand these problems and look together for a way that will allow the forces generating them to manifest in a more positive way.
The price will be agreed according the kind of request you gave (there are introductory operations that must always be done when examining a birth chart, so the first time will cost a bit more of the following requests).

3) Predictive astrology:
To know what kind of period is coming so that you can be open to new opportunities or be prepared to difficulties.
Astrology takes in considerations years going from birthday to birthday.
It is still possible examine different periods (months, weeks, seasons) but the work needed is about the same (if not greater) so the price will not be lower.
Sometimes, if you are interested to specific events, it could be possible to use the cheaper horary astrology.
It must be taken in account also the possibility that it isn’t going to happen nothing of relevance.
Base rate: 170 euros for a year, 140 euros if I already made previous predictions or I worked on the birth chart.


If you live in a country that uses a currency different from euros, you can see this currency converter:


Payment conditions: I accept payments by paypal*, bank transfer (SEPA area) or transferwise.
Every payment is made in advance and non-refundable: you are paying for my time and my efforts, everyone does his best, but nobody is infallible.
Naturally whatever is done with the given informations is solely the customer's responsibility.
The prices are “base rate” since exceptional situations can require variations.

To ask my services you can contact me in the ways listed in this page.

* A paypal account is not required: the email payment request you will receive from paypal allows to pay directly with your credit card