Horary astrology: Will I get the promotion?

Enthroned cat

Note: If there are astrological terms that you do not understand consult my glossary.

The question

In 2016, while attending a horary astrology course, I looked for volunteers asking me questions for training.

A personal acquaintance, then deputy store manager, had recently been promised a promotion to store manager within few months, so he asked me the promise would have been kept.

For this question I obtained the following chart:


La carta della domanda

The solution

The querent is represented by Mercury lord of the ascendant and, at first sight, the situation seems far from good: Mercury is combust, usually a situation that we do not want to see in the chart because this means that whatever is represented by that planet is destroyed/can’t act/can’t be seen or other similar bad situations.

Mercury is actually going out from combustion, but only to enter in Leo, the Sun’s domicile.

So, if anything is really barring the promotion, it would continue to exercise its influence, supposedly prohibiting the career advancement of our querent and, initially, this is what I thought.

But, after pondering more, I came to a rather different conclusion encouraged by the fact that the “default option” is that the promise would have been kept: Mercury combust by the Sun (natural significator of the “kings”) suggests that the querent felt somewhat overshadowed or limited by the fact of having a superior over him, but this planet is going out from that situation, just to enter in Leo.

Since the signs define the way in which the planets express themselves, Mercury’s ingress into the kings’ domicile shows that Mercury was going to be enthroned, that is our querent would have become a store manager, and so it proved.

- The Cat