Horary astrology: Will the work be good?

The accounting cat


Note: If there are astrological terms that you do not understand consult my glossary.

The question

At the beginning of last year, when astrology was still an hobby and I was looking for a “conventional” career, I had received an employment offer from a business consultant.

Since I was unemployed from a long time, I eagerly accepted. Still, while waiting the beginning of this new experience, desirous of knowing how the work would have been, I made a horary.

I obtained this chart:

Carta della domanda

The solution

I am represented by the Moon, lady of the ascendant, while the job is represented by Jupiter, 10th house lord.

Jupiter is in exile, retrograde and opposite to the Sun: an awful job.

This far than ideal situation is only slightly accentuated by the high accidental dignity of Jupiter that is posited in the 4th house (an element that probably is showing mainly the fact that the place is very near my home, a great advantage) and square with Saturn, lord of the 7th house (my co-workers) that receives Jupiter by domicile so, although maybe with some difficulties, they seems willing to do the good of the firm.

The opposition of the Sun is also prohibiting the Jupiter‘s entrance in its own terms where it was going due to its retrograde motion, an element that could have brought some slight improvement. Anyway we have must also consider that the Sun is ruled by Jupiter, so probably won’t really damage the work (the Sun is the natural significator for “kings”, we can expect that the business owner won’t damage the work, at least not intentionally).

As already said the co-workers are represented by Saturn and he receives the Moon by decanate, a vague positive predisposition.

The Moon, on its part, receives the co-workers by domicile; but it is also in Jupiter’s fall: not only the work isn’t good, but I would see it even worse than it is.

The Moon is in the last degrees of Capricorn and, once entered in Aquarius, could watch the job in a more lucid way, not receiving it by fall any more, but the sign’s change is prohibited by the sextile among the Moon and Mars in Scorpio, so from Moon’s fall. The negative effect of this aspect is amplified by the fact that the Moon is exalting Mars instead, so probably even fearing it.

Notwithstanding these rather negative warnings I tried anyway to begin the job in the hope of being wrong or at least that the situation were bearable (I was still a novice in horary astrology).

Sadly, even if some colleague were nice enough, the working environment was toxic: the two founding partners were in attrition, although both eager to do the good of their enterprise (maybe this is what the Sun-Jupiter opposition was about) and one of my supervisors was very stressed out and choleric, making working with her an unbearable experience (element that I think was hinted by the Moon-Mars sextile).

So I decided to resign and deepen my knowledge of astrology with the objective of making it my job.

- The Cat