Horary astrology: Is it a good idea to start cohabiting with my girlfriend?

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Note: If there are astrological terms that you do not understand consult my glossary.

The question

While I was still attending the horary astrology course, an acquaintance was going to start cohabiting with his girlfriend and asked me if he was doing the right thing.

I obtained this chart:

Carta della domanda

The solution

In practice we must see how the relationship would evolve.

The querent is represented by Jupiter (ascendant’s lord) at, we could say, the dimension of the “head”, by the Moon for his emotionality and by the Sun as “man” (so both as physicality and on how he expresses the role attributed to the male by the society); the girl is represented by Mercury, lord of the descendant and by Venus as “woman”.

The querent as “head” really appreciates the girlfriend since Jupiter receives Mercury both by domicile and exaltation, but he also has mixed feelings on her as a “woman” since the planet receives Venus by fall, but also by triplicity.

On an emotive level the Moon has a limited interest for Mercury, receiving him only by term while exalting the Sun, so interested in the realization of his own “manliness”. The Moon receives also Venus by detriment, so suggesting some problems with the girlfriend as a woman.

On a more “basic” level, watching the Sun, notwithstanding the fact that he is receiving Venus only by decanate, he is combusting her, this suggests a relationship characterized by a strong carnal passion (but usually the combustion effect isn’t durable, we need stronger basis for a stable relationship).

The Sun seems much more interested to the querent himself receiving Jupiter by exaltation and to its emotive serenity (receiving the Moon by domicile).

Let’s see now the woman’s point of view.

She on a “basic” level seems much attracted by the man: Venus is combust, in Moon’s domicile and Jupiter’s exaltation (also this last element, like the combustion, usually doesn’t represent a solid base, still it’s frequent at the beginning of the relationships, or when a new element revives them).

At a more personal level, instead, she doesn’t show much interest for him since Mercury is in domicile, so rather interested to himself, while receiving the Sun only by decanate, a reception too limited for a relationship, just slightly better than indifference.

It’s clear that both will have to learn to adapt one another to live together in the same house.

The simple fact that the question has been posed bring to expect some reception not properly optimal, otherwise the querent probably wouldn’t have had doubts on the decision he made. We must not get scared, but only see how the things would evolve.

Let’s see now what happens putting the planets in motion:

The Moon will do a sextile to Mercury and then both change sign, at this point the Moon finally receives Venus (the woman as a female) by domicile while Mercury receives Jupiter (the querent’s “head”) by exaltation and the Moon (the querent’s heart) by domicile.

More ambiguous the sextile between Jupiter and Venus since Jupiter receives Venus by fall, so risking of hurting her a bit, but nonetheless the situation shows a clear improvement and so I reassured the man telling that this choice would have been an excellent occasion to improve the relationship and make it more deep and fulfilling, notwithstanding some initial difficulties (that should be overcome with relative ease anyway since the Moon-Mercury sextile is a harmonious aspect).

After some months the querent confirmed that they were living happily together.


- The Cat