Horary astrology: Will the convention be held?

The public flocks to the conference hall

The public flocks to the conference hall where the querent will give his lecture


Note: If there are astrological terms that you do not understand consult my glossary.

The question

A woman had to held a lecture in a convention, but the event had been suspended due to the scarcity of subscriptions.

The organizers promised that they would make a second attempt re proposing the event in the spring 2017 hoping to gather enough public.

The querent, having few time, asked me if the convention would really have been held, in order to decide if preparing her intervention or not.

I obtained this chart:

La carta della domanda

The solution

This is an interesting example of horary astrology.

The ascendant (representing the querent) is in Pisces, so ruled by Jupiter, planet that rules also the convention being the Medium Coeli in Sagittarius.

The MC is conjunct to Saturn, a fact describing the scarcity of public of the first attempt, that his presence is related to the past is testified by the fact that the last Moon aspect is a trigon with Saturn itself, so we can consider that Saturn conjunct the 10th house cusp is an element of the past and maybe the future can be different.

Jupiter, that represents both the querent and the event, exalts Saturn, demonstrating its fears that the previous situation happens once again and is also applying to a sextile with this planet.

However not only it will become retrograde before perfectioning the aspect, but this sextile would have been prohibited anyway by the Jupiter-Mercury sextile that would precede that of Saturn-Jupiter thanks to Mercury’s winged foots.

Mercury’s intervention is particularly meaningful since it is the lord of the descendant, so it represents the public. Its presence in Sagittarius demonstrates his sincere interest for the event receiving him by domicile, moreover it is already in the 10th house zone being within 5° from its cusp.

Another encouraging testimony about the amount of subscribers, is that the North node is in 7th house and its influence is of “increasing things”.

Mercury makes the sextile after something more than 3° and, according to the Frawley’s dating system, mutable sign and angular house give a medium time unit, that this time I regarded as months.

Something more than three months from 20th November 2016, day of the question, would give a moment among the end of February and the beginning of March, an improbable, although not impossible, date.

Still, with just a degree more, Mercury conjuncts the MC, so entering the conference hall; adding a month we come to the end of March-beginning of April, a more probable interval.

Therefore we can consider Mecury’s activity as a translation of light: Mercury (the public) with his presence in the conference hall brings the querent (Jupiter) to attend the convention.

The event had been actually held in the last week of March.


- The Cat