Horary astrology explained to the customers

The Cat and the time


Note: If there are astrological terms that you do not understand consult my glossary.

A neglected branch

This branch of astrology was widely used in the past, still now it is unknown to the majority.

Actual modern astrology works mainly on birth charts, previsional astrology and, naturally, sinastries.

Obviously the modern branch hasn’t ignored horary astrology altogether. Some modern astrologers took interest on it and re elaborated its doctrine according to their criterias. Still they are a minority and, even among those actively interested to astrology nowadays, it is possible to find somebody ignoring the existence of this useful instrument (as for me I knew it only after two or three years of study).

And yet it is very versatile and relatively easy: a person asks a question to the astrologer, the astrologer draw the chart of the question using the hour in which he received the question and, from the situation of the heaven, obtains the answer, asking for some context details to the customer if necessary. There is no need for the querent’s birth data or those of any other person involved in the question.

Why it works

To somebody, the more so in these days, it will seem rather strange that this could actually work. The rationale behind this is that, the heaven, like all the physical reality, moves according to spiritual forces, to which also we are all connected. So, if we are asking ourselves a question to which we really care, this happens when also the sky is in a configuration that, in a way or another, reflects the situation to which we are thinking and, by studying it, we can find the answer to our question.

Our society now isn’t much inclined to accept a logic like this, and somebody could even think that I affirmed that the planets move themselves according to our doubts and fears. But the truth is that all happens simultaneously: we and the stars are linked to the same centre and we all move according to the influxes coming from the centre; so we can better understand some situations regarding us observing some external clues using a divination technique.

Why then must we use the hour when the astrologer receives the question and not the moment when the customer asks it to himself? Because the astrologer is the intermediary that has to understand the celestial configuration; in practise is used the position of the stars at the moment when he who can read them has been contacted.

It can happen that the astrologer in that moment have no reliable clock at hand or no support where to take note of the hour; but even in this case it seems that all is not lost, it will be possible for him to do a chart when he will feel that it is the right moment to deal with the question.

So it is of crucial importance that he who poses the question has a real interest on it, otherwise he will have a correct answer only for a strange case, a coincidence.

What is important and what not depends on the querent himself, questions about the weather in the day of our mountain trip can receive a correct answer not less than the questions about the situation of our own kidnapped child. The crucial condition is that him who poses the question feels it important and really care for the answer.

So, a skeptic posing a question with the only purpose of testing the astrologer, will probably see confirmed his disbelief on this discipline.

The fact is that, whichever question he had posed to the astrologer, what he really asked for was: “does horary astrology work?” a question to which horary astrology can answer only with facts, giving good answers to serious questions.

Limits and potentialities of horary astrology

Are there questions to which horary astrology can’t answer? Every instrument has not only potentials, but also limits. It can be difficult tracing the boundaries among questions fit for horary astrology and questions unfit for it, but astrologers seem to concur on the fact that the question must have a practical value for this sensible world, questions like “Does God exists?” or “Is the reality transcendental or immanent?” can’t be answered by horary astrology.

It is good keeping in mind on what the astrologer is working: every chart of the heaven is a circle (in fact in the past a square was used) on which are marked the planets positions in the various signs, the house cusps and others elements deemed useful according to the operation of the moment. If a chart reflects the reality it does this in its own way and interpreting it isn’t always easy, especially if the reality itself isn’t clearly defined.

For example finding an answer to questions like “Where is my necklace?” could not be possible at first try, the more so if we do not know if the necklace has been lost inside or outside our home: the astrologer can see the planet representing the necklace in the 10th house and send the querent to look in the room of his house where he keep the mundane events or where he “works” and, only after hours of unfruitful researches, doing a second attempt telling the querent of looking in the company where he earns a living, this time with success.

In short horary astrology, just like any other branch, has great possibilities, and is a rather versatile instrument, but it is important not to have excessive expectations. It must not be expected that it can answer to every type of question, we also can’t expect an extremely detailed response and, extremely important, we must not expect to receive always the answer that we want to hear.
It gives quick answers, but also essential ones, giving the informations needed to get our answer, without smothering us with a mass of detailed informations

There is no need to underscore the importance of the cooperation and sincerity among astrologer and querent; the querent in particular must be able to give correct informations that allow a clear delineation of the situation, allowing the right resolution of the riddle contained in the chart.

In any case the truth is in the chart, and the astrologer must develop enough confidence in himself to go against the beliefs of the querent, if the chart is showing something different.

- The Cat