Horary astrology: where is the object?

Retrieved object


Note: If there are astrological terms that you do not understand consult my glossary.

The question

Let us see how horary astrology works in practice with an example of lost object recovering, a fascinating activity that the famous William Lilly practiced also as pastime, occasionally giving his butler an object to hide.

In one occasion I could not find a thing I used to improve the ergonomy of my workplace, so I decided to use horary astrology obtaining this chart:


Dov'è l'oggetto?


The object had been lost at home and this eases the things.

The first thing to do is identifying the planet representing the thing looked after. Generally there are two possibilities:

1) If there is an evident natural significator for that object we can use that planet (...for example if we lost one of the leaden movable characters of our old printer, we can use Saturn as a natural significator of lead).

2) Otherwise we can choose among the ruler of the 2nd house (our mobile goods) and the 4th (hidden things) the planet that has more affinity with our object.

This time the choice is fairly easy: there is no planet that can be chosen as an incontestable natural significator of our object and the 2nd and 4th house are both governed by Jupiter so it represents the thing looked for.

Jupiter is at 14° 26’ of Libra and the cusp of the 11th house is at 18° of that sign.

Now, usually when a planet is at less than 5° from the cusp of the next house we consider it in that house as it is conjunct to the cusp; but this time every house represents a room and the cusps represent the doors or the walls of the room. However near to a wall an object may be, it can’t be at the other side of the wall: this time Jupiter is showing us that the object is in a room of a 10th house type, but near the exit door (considering the order of the rooms starting from the atrium going deeper and deeper into the “lair”) or, if the room has only one door, the wall opposite to it.

If the object had been lost out of our home, it would actually had to be considered in an 11th house place.

The 10th house can represent the room where mundane events are held (for example the room use to host a party with friends or relatives), the highest room of the house or, if you do something similar to a job in your house, the room where you do this activity.

I live in a flat without attic, the “work room” had already been thoroughly searched before casting the horary, so I begun from the “party hall”.

Jupiter is in an air sign, so the object should be actually rather visible, on a shelf or, however, in a high and/or enlightened place.

In fact it was on a shelf few meters from the exit door, inside a box of sewing equipment where I must have absent-mindely put after having mended a dress. The air sign condition is still respected since the box is always open.

A timid hypothesis

It is interesting to note the fact that Jupiter is in trine with Mars in Gemini. Mars, in fact, rules everything pointed and sharp like needles and scissors while Mercury, that rules the Gemini sign, among other things rules the weavers and tailors, so Mars here could represent the tailor’s equipment of the box.

Unfortunately it is rather difficult identify similar hints before finding the objects, maybe a conjunction would have been more clear, but the domiciles of Mercury are also the exile of Jupiter, finding Jupiter conjunct Mars there could have induced to think that the object was broken.

But I never saw a mention of a similar interpretation of these charts, until I see other charts acting in the same way I can’t exclude that the suggestions deriving from the trine of Mars are only a mere coincidence, and that the only relevant informations here are given by the position of Jupiter; still I think it could be an interesting element worthy of investigation.

- The Cat