Horary astrology: Ambiguity in objects finding

Cat looking for objects

Note: If there are astrological terms that you do not understand consult my glossary.

The question

A woman I know wasn’t able to find a couple of earrings to which she was very fond of, after months she asked me to make a horary to find them; she was sure of having lost them in her home.

I was very happy of this possibility to make exercise since I was attending the course at that time and I obtained this chart:

Question's chart

The solution

As usual the first thing to do is to identify the significator of the earrings.

The natural significator of ornaments is Venus, but this time is ruling the ascendant, so is busy in representing the querent. It could be possible thinking to use Venus anyway since what the horary is really about is the lost object, not its owner, but even in horaries like these the planet representing he who poses the question can impersonate a part, for example to show that the lost object will return to its owner hands.

So I felt more quiet choosing among the dispositors of the 2nd (mobile possessions) and 4th house (hidden objects). Mars, lord of the 2nd, seems to me the best candidate for a piercing jewel and so I chose him.

He is in the 2nd house itself, in its feminine domicile, so we can think that the object is in the kitchen or, in alternative, in the larder, the storeroom or the wardrobe; in these rooms it would have to be searched near water or in comfortable places.

Instead none of these possibilities proved true and, after useless searching, the querent gave up but, after six days, she found them between the other earrings, where they had to be, and this is what the chart was showing us: the earrings were comfortably staying at their place. Indeed the 2nd house usually rules the our mobile property; where is the mobile property that I am looking for? In its domicile in 2nd house: at its place.

For obious reasons this possibility is rarely took into consideration, but is a concrete possibility and has to be taken in account when examining a similar chart.

At this point the Moon, natural significator of lost objects (and of fugitives) with her opposition to Venus ascendant’s lord after 6° was giving the moment of recovery. Indeed, using the Frawley’s timing system, angular house plus fixed sign without showing volition (neither Venus neither the Moon shows interest for Mars) it means long time units; for looking an object in a house we can consider days as long time units, so 6°=6 days and so it proved.

- The Cat