Horary astrology: will I get the job at the supermarket?

The cat at the supermarket

Note: If there are astrological terms that you do not understand consult my glossary.


The question


Looking for a seasonal job (I live in a touristic area) I did two job interview for a couple of supermarkets, but I would have received the answer of the more interesting one some days after that of the other.

So I decided to use horary astrology to see if I would have obtained the more interesting position, in order to know what to say to the less interesting one, if it showed the intention to hire me.


Chart of the horary question


The solution


I am represented by Venus, lady of the ascendant, while the firm is represented by the Moon, lady of the Medium Coeli.

The Moon is in Taurus, Venus’ domicile, so it looks like I made an excellent impression, but there is no applying aspect between Venus and the Moon; so nonetheless I won’t be hired.

Why if I made such a good impression?

The Moon has just made a conjunction with Mars, lord of the descendant, so representing my rivals for the job, clear representation of the other job interviews held for the position.

Still Mars is in detriment, so it doesn’t represent a good choice and, being a conjunction, the Moon itself receives Mars by detriment, so giving a bad evaluation on him, with this situation it is impossible that a competitor has been hired in my place.

We can note, however, that the Moon is going to do a trine with Saturn, that is also a good Saturn, being in domicile, what could this mean? Saturn is a planet associated with oldness, the past, so I guessed that supermarket would hire again people that worked there during the previous summer.

And so it proved, at the promised day I has been called by the HR employee that congratulated with me for the job interview, but also informed me that some workers of the previous season asked to come back, so she preferred those well known people.

It seems that the selection had been started because those individuals seemed unwilling to work again for the firm, fact represented by the Saturn in Capricorn, receiving the Moon (the work) with mixed feelings, by detriment, but also by triplicity.


- The Cat